Ahmed Hadji

Executive Director, Centre for Policy and Strategic Studies


Ahmed Hadji, a distinguished scholar in foreign policy, specializes in African political dynamics and socio-economic relations with global powers. Founder and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for Policy and Strategic Studies (CPSS), he delves into nuanced research on Africa’s connections with the U.S, China, EU, India, Russia, and Turkey.

As President and Provost of the Lincoln Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations (LIDI) in Uganda, affiliated with the University of Delaware, he leads accredited training in national security, foreign policy, and more.

Committed to youth development, Ahmed co-founded advocacy platforms like the African Youth Development Link and played a key role in initiatives such as the USIP Generation Change Uganda program. With a Professional Doctorate from the University of Delaware, a Masters from Uganda Martyrs University, and a BA from Makerere University. Ahmed is a U.S State Department IVLP and SUSI Foreign Policy Alumni, contributing prolifically to leading publications.

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