Hon. Lyandro Komakech

Political Scientist and Governance Expert; Former MP


A Political Scientist, Governance Expert whose research and work focuses mainly on the political, and socio-economic reforms necessary for the creation of effective states, institutions and regional integration that is people-centered and can sustain democracy and rule of law. Remarkable individual with significant impact in fighting for justice and equality.

Possess 10+ years of work experience in conducting cutting edge research projects in the continent/region aimed at generating data and influencing policy makers and critical stakeholders for better policy outcomes around Conflict, Governance and Transitional Justice. Has equal number of years of experience and aptitude in leading program strategic planning, implementation, and oversight; resource mobilization /fund raising, Programmes/project development and management, human resource management, organizational development, and representation in general.

Lyandro possesses five additional years of resolute legislative experience in government as legislator in the 10th parliament of Uganda and was ranked 3rd best overall legislator in the whole country by a score card initiative of the Africa Leadership Institute – a Kampala based think tank that specializes in parliamentary politics and governance of Uganda.

He is a die-in-the-wool human rights defenders and   introduced two private members’ bills in the 10th Parliament: The Human Rights Defenders and Protection Bill and The National Legal Aid Bill.

Lyandro is a reputable conflict sensitivity expert with specialization in mainstreaming peace and security issues/concerns in development programmes, and implementation strategies in Africa. He is a capacity building trainer and expert for institutions with a focus in security, mediation, monitoring, and evaluation as well as strategic planning. His expertise and skills includes negotiation with armed non state actors for conflict resolution.

Lyandro as a scholar has publications that include among others a working paper Titled: Tradition in Transition; Drawing from the old to develop a jurisprudence for dealing with Uganda’s legacy of violence. A book chapter on Exploring the Place of traditional justice in post-conflict Uganda, Co-author of Compendium of Conflicts in Uganda, Policy Brief on The Place for Engendered Traditional Justice in Uganda’s Jurisprudence. A Book Chapter on Traditional Justice as a Form of Adjudication in Uganda in a book titled: Where Law Meets Reality; Forging an African Transitional Justice and Rapid Assessment Report of Refugee Influx in Northern Uganda 2015. Recently July 2023, Lyandro was appointed as a regional facilitator and facilitated the repatriation of the LRA returnees to Uganda from the Central African Republic. A public speaker and an advocate for social justice

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