Maria Alesi

Social Justice Activist


Maria Alesi is a Social Justice Activist who studied Social Worker and Community Development and has spent the last 7 years working with communities, policy makers and activists. She has worked in the fields of human rights, feminist action, policy development and advocacy, grant making and project planning and management. This work has brought her into community with Young People, Women, PWDs and LGBTIQ people. These interactions have formed her radical social justice thought and practice.

She is a member of the International Network to End Violence Against Women and Girls (INEVAWG). She also sits on the working group of the Uganda Feminist Forum and serves on the board of two feminist nonprofit organizations. Maria is also an Associate Editor with Feminist Africa.

After the work is done, Maria enjoys binge watching TV, Karaoke, listening to debates and quiet time. She also loves to find answers to the many questions in her head. Right now, she is curious about security and intelligence.

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