Prof. Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Professor of Ethics & Identity Studies


An Associate Professor of Ethics and Identity Studies at Uganda Martyrs University. I also teach Ethics and Research methods at Makerere University. I hold a PhD in Humanistic Studies from the University of Humanistic Studies in Holland; a Masters in Ethics and Public Management (Makerere University); a Master of Science in Education for Sustainability (London South Bank University – Commonwealth Fellowship); a BA in Philosophy (Urbaniana); and a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies (Apostles of Jesus Philosophicum, Nairobi).

I have been on post-doctoral fellowships as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for African Studies (University of Cambridge) and Research Fellow on the African Humanities Program (AHP).

I am the founding Chair of the Center for African Studies at Uganda Martyrs University. Besides heading research at UMU, I as well work as editor of the Uganda Martyrs University monograph series, Mtafiti Mwafrika (African Researcher) and the Uganda Martyrs University Book Series. I am also a columnist and editorial cartoonist with The Observer newspaper in Uganda. My research interests are in ethics and identity studies, especially on pluralism (living with diversity). I am also into studies on coloniality and decolonisation, with keener interest on Africa

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